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MEN’S HAIRSTYLE-2013 – The Ongoing Trends

It’s not just women who spend loads of time and money buying unguents and treatments just to get those perfect locks and hairstyle. Metro sexual men of today are equally passionate about their hair and hairstyles and continuously obsess about how they look. Nowadays,MEN’S HAIRSTYLE-2013 – The Ongoing Trends Articles you can watch a hairstyles for men braids man visiting a salon more frequently than his ancestors ever did. Men want that perfect attire, shoes, accessories, hairstyle and skin texture to go with his disposition. They even love to hire stylists and experiment with them. However, it is not a piece of cake to choose a hairstyle that goes hand in glove with who you are and what is in vogue.

For 2013, extra short sides and hair worn long on the crown can give you that perfect summer look. It accentuates your height when that crown has spiked hair; or else you can go for back combed or slicked across hair on the crown. The best part about spiky hair is that it goes well with any kind of attire- formal, semi-formal or casual. Another trend that is gripping men is the Mohawk look. This look wants you to shave your side hair completely and the only a strip of long hair is left from forehead till crown and nape. WWE Superstar the Undertaker, since Wrestle Mania 28, has had this haircut. The hairstyle is fast catching up with actors, models and musicians. If you are a rocker chap, wear that hair a little thicker, spiked into a peak at the front and with distinctive sideburns. Another style taken a U-turn is the Elvis Hairstyle where you have seemingly typical sideburns and your front hair are a longer than the rest and are pulled back into a swoop.

The men’s hairstyle guide of 2013 says that every hair length, long, short and medium, can give you a chic look if worn with style, confidence and a dash of color. Men can streak their hair with light blond or black hair color tone to highlight those spikes or sideburns. As for tough-to-carry longer hair are concerned, they are not tough to carry anymore as messy and rough long hairstyles are equally a fad. Don’t try to find a stylist who can fix your wavy or curly hair; the messy and rough look they give to your personality make you look as charming.

Every hairstyle must be must worn with a splash of your personality and style otherwise nothing will suit you even if it is styled by a master hairdresser.

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