Practical Uses of Plastic Sheeting

Nowadays plastic sheeting is considered a reliable means of protection in a variety of structures. This is very much visible in large greenhouse areas that are covered with plastic films. These sheets are also seen in farm buildings used for growing mushrooms or storing farm products. Apart from its main purpose of providing shelter, these multi-purpose plastic sheets are also used for tank linings, groundsheets, coverings like tarpaulin and even for protection of food containers.

Types of Plastic sheets
The most flexible plastic sheeting polythene sheeting available is Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). Most commonly used, these sheets are softer, comfortable for handling and have greater tensile strength. The thickness range of these pliable sheets is between 0.5 Mil and 40 Mil. The Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) is least commonly used. It is more resistant to chemicals and is stronger than LDPE. MDPE sheets are also flexible and more resistant to punctures and tears. The strongest plastic sheet is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). In addition to its strength, these sheets can be used to get protection from harmful UV rays.

General properties that make them useful
Plastic sheets are popular because of their sturdy feature which is very useful for a protective membrane. In addition to this, their light weight and low cost make them indispensable for agricultural and industrial use. Some features are:


    • Resistance to water: These sheets are seen in the construction industry, these sheets are used to prevent the newly constructed places or wooden parts from moisture. Even while working on a remodeling project, these sheets are very important to protect the existing areas. In some painting assignments too, plastic sheets act like a drop cloth for the painter. At times these sheets are also used to make tents and tarpaulins.terproof and have low moisture penetrability.
    • Resistance to chemicals: The best property of these sheets is that they remain unaffected by most chemicals or salts.
  • Weathering and ageing: They do not get worn out easily. These sheets lose flexibility and strength due to prolonged exposure to sun. To prevent this, the solution is to use black sheets that are sunlight resistant and are recommended for outdoor use.


Since plastic sheets can withstand the rough weather, they can be easily used outdoors and, that too for a long time.

These sheets are used for commercial and industrial purposes and can be bought in rolls from a reputable plastic sheet wholesaler. The wholesaler can provide the sheets in bulk at a relatively lower price.

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