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What is Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

Surgery can be defined as the special branch of medicine that treats disease and disorders by cutting or changing the body part with a procedure. Surgery is mainly performed by a surgeon with training in operative procedure. There are different surgical specialities which provide treatment in almost every part of human body. Surgeries can be minor one or major one like heart transplant. India has got preferred surgery destination due to favouring of certain conditions. As India’s private sectors provide much care and hygiene and are equipped with the latest technologies so the awaiting list of surgeries in India is not so high as compared to the other developed countries. Surgeries in India cost very low as compared to the other countries. Now every type of surgery is possible in India whether it may be plastic surgery,What is surgery and different types of surgeries?  Articles Cardiac surgery, heart surgery, knee replacement or any one. Some are defined in the later section.Plastic surgery can be defined as the medical speciality which is concerned with the correction of form and function. Cosmetic surgery is best known as a kind of plastic surgery but most of plastic surgeries are not cosmetic one because many plastic surgeries include the treatment for burns. Plastic surgery is mainly concerned with the repair or restoration of mishappened or defective body part. Plastic surgery can be cosmetic one and reconstructive one. In India cosmetic surgery is done only to improve the feature of person on aesthetic level only.  Cosmetic surgery is mainly used to beautify someone’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery includes the surgery of tummy, surgery of eyelids, surgery of nose and many more. Cosmetic surgery only helps to enhance features of body parts.  The reconstructive surgery on the other hand helps to correct the feature which can be result of a birth defect or illness. During the reconstructive surgery the surgeons helps to improve the deficiency in the function of body part. Reconstructive surgery helps to correct functional impairments mainly caused due to burns, injuries such as facial bone injury, fractures. Most reconstructive surgery includes breast reconstruction, clipped lip surgery or creating of the outer ear when it is absent.Cardiac Surgery is the surgery on heart which is mainly done by the surgeons for treatment of various heart problems. Cardiac surgery is also known as heart surgery. Heart surgery can be open heart surgery or bypass heart surgery. Reasons for having a heart surgery may be different for different persons. Bypass heart surgery is important for a person who has arterial blocks. Persons suffering from heart attacks or any heart problems have an open heart surgery. Cardiac surgery has become speciality in India due to the institutions like Escorts heart institute, All India institute of medical sciences. All these provide the latest innovations and technology and best surgeon and moreover surgery in India is less costly as compared to the world. All the leading institutes in India have cardiac care units with equipments like Echocardiography with coloured Doppler, Nuclear Scanning.

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