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Workplace Security and Corporate Responsibility

1. The Security Consultant’s Perspective…

Workplace violence is a reality whether it happens at the
warehouse, plant, parking lot, hospital or treatment center,
and office or while sitting in your car taking notes. It
should not be swept under the carpet. The average out of
court civil suit settlement is in the range of $300,000 to
$500,000; jury rendered verdicts awarding $1 Million dollars
plus. A clear reporting system should be implemented and all
employees should be trained and encouraged to report all incident

Training and Security 속초 op Awareness makes good sense. While all
supervisors and managers should receive some form of
orientation on Threat Assessment and Risk Management all
employees should receive training also. Key to the fair and
equitable determination of an incident is total analysis of
available information about the participants, the incident
and the environment. Knowledge of how to conduct a
fact-finding investigation should be part of the Threat
Assessment Training for supervisors in determination of the
type of disciplinary action or deciding criminal prosecution.

Companies wishing to gain a perspective of their workplace
violence potential risks should begin with a security survey
of all employees and environment. Training to assist
employees in identifying warning signs of workplace violence
and what steps to take to de-escalate incidents before
eruption is next. Essential to a good workplace violence
prevention program is the policy and the plan to deal with
incidents. Unfortunately, some companies have paid little to no
attention to the implementation of asecurity policy and plans
because, “We don’t have a security problem here”.

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